SNOW Print Release

Snow_print web   SignaturePrint Information: ‘Snow’ is the new giclee print series from the latest mixed media mural painted by Michael Ortiz at the Snowball Music Festival in Denver, CO..The edition is printed on 300g watercolor paper and are signed and numbered limited edition of 50. The size of the print is 17h”x 24w”.

Available here:

 without shipping ($60)

with shipping ($70)

Caleidoscoop Murals Miami


Left to right: Haas & Hahn (Favela Painters), LK MNDD, X-O


Left to Right: Haas & Hahn The Favell Painters, LK MNDD, X-O and the Lost Object Project

Above is a preview of some the murals created for the Caleidoscoop Art exhibit. These Murals by Haas and Hahn, LK MNDD, and X-O are located at 250 NW 24th St. Miami, FL




Like Minded Productions is excited to announce that we will be throwing down a new mural in Miami for Caleidoscoop in the Wynwood District next week. Please like their facebook page to learn more information about this dynamic group art exhibit

Date: Opening reception is Friday Dec. 6th – 8th 2013 starts at 6pm

Location: 250 NW 24th Street, Miami Florida 33142 USA

also you can visit: — with Michael Ortiz and Jonathan Lamb.

Urban Arts Fund Denver, CO

UAF Diamonds

Proposal to the City of Denver, CO: Our objective is to change the face of this dark corner into a more attractive part of the RiNo Art District in Denver by presenting bold, impactful and most of all colorful art. The lot serves for the Denver B-Cycle organization and has many walls surrounding it that are continually hit with graffiti. With the new mural that wraps around over to the backside of the former motorcycle museum we feel it will serve to be a more functional space with this impactful presentation of art.  The piece of art is designed to be easily repaired in case it gets vandalized due to all the proper designing and planning to get the mural in the range of 18-20 specific colors and the simple nature of the design. The art is designed to be cohesive throughout the whole space making it relative enough to the regular person to know that it is one ‘whole’ art piece rather than a collage of other art or any other subject matter. We are of the opinion with the influx of business, art and people moving into the area that the addition of this mural will impact the street and surrounding areas in very positive ways. The permission has been given to us by the property owners to proceed with our project, at this junction we re just looking for permission from the City of Denver. July 1st 2013.

28th and Larimer 28th and Larimer Mural 28th and Larimer Rendering with obsrtuctions


28 and Larimer


Info about the mural: The mural is designed with 18-20 specific colors. The content is simply an abstract way to describe the surroundings in Colorado and the momentum and future of Denver. The Diamond shapes represent the buildings and the mountains. The Blue sidewalk looking shapes at the bottom of each diamond represent the many roads to take in Denver and the many roads being built currently and what the possibilities of these future roads hold. The perspectives that draw the color inward represent the faster pace that Denver is starting to have and the pulse of a new generation of thinkers. The color bands at the top simply represent the sun and sky that we see everyday in Denver. The Black in the design represents everything else, it is the saturation of all  ’shapes and colors’ combined. Please keep in mind that this is also a study of color combinations and theories and functional design in art and that this particular design can function in any space and this is an expression of it’s simple design. The intense part about the mural is we intend to cover every contour of the space so that the designs run through all of the cracks and curves of each wall and cover the entire area with paint. For example the east facing wall(backside of former motorcycle museum) has a bay door that the painting will run throughout the indentions of the framework of the bay door making it even more sq. feet to cover.

Conditions are Subject to Change: New Works By Michael Ortiz


“Conditions are Subject to Change” is the name of the series of new works by Denver Artist Michael Ortiz. The works are the second installment to Michael’s latest body of work for 2013.

Michael’s use of Multi-Layering techniques with mixed media such as stencils, spray paint, and collage are a representation of how we live in a world of ever changing environments, possibilities and ways of thinking. Through layered collage and street art state of mind Michael explores ways to create new ideas and techniques by trying new things and not keeping with a general outline as to how each piece is made. With this Michael has been able to achieve different effects in each piece of art while maintaining a cohesive and responsive body of work.

Please join us for the Preview Thursday May 2nd 6-9pm and The Opening Reception First Friday May 3rd 5-10pm

For more info please visit:

The Awakening Series

The Awakening series are the new giclee prints from the
latest series of mixed media paintings by Michael Ortiz. Each print
is archival and can be ordered by clicking the link below. You can
pick up your print at Like Minded Productions, 2700 Walnut St. in
Denver (shipping option available). Sized at 18″ x 24″ and Printed
on a 300 gram watercolor paper. Each part of the series is numbered
out of 20.

The Awakening pt.1 TheAwakening_pt1without shipping ($60)

with shipping ($70)


The Awakening pt.2 The Awakening pt2 without shipping ($60)

with shipping ($70)

Have A Good One: New Works by Michael Ortiz

Have A Good One

Have A Good One

“Have a Good One” is the name of the new series of artwork by Denver Artist Michael Ortiz. Michael explores the ideologies and the ephemeral nature of graffiti using the aesthetic throughout the paintings as a base layer to build from, covering up old tags with new tags. The works are all constructed on wood panels and consist of print collage, handmade stencils, spray paint, paint marker, acrylic and latex paints to build the layers. Michael works with a certain ‘create and destroy’ state of mind and the subject matter is compiled with the same mentality as he would use if he was doing the art on a street wall. The subjects in the art are bold, impactful and draped with vivid colors. These new mixed media collages have a sense of decayed graphic design and painterly technique arranged in a way to affect the viewer with provocative thought. The name ‘Have A Good One’ has a number of different meanings in society today and in this instance it refers to the impermanence of doing a piece of graffiti or really anything you do in life. The whole point in life is to make it good so, “Have A Good One”, because it will all be gone one of these days.

Please join us March 1st (First Friday)

Stovall/Costillow Collective

230 W. 6th Ave. Denver Colorado

Opening reception Friday, March 1st 2013