5280 High & Rising

This is “5280 High & Rising,” the latest mural from Art team Michael Ortiz and Jonathan Lamb, formally known as Like Minded Productions. It was done in conjunction with the Larimer Street Art Festival that was held last weekend. The mural is located on the east corner of 27th and Larimer in Denver. It’s a desolate, dark corner of the city and everyone involved with the project has high hopes that the art will have a positive influence on the community.


The Return of the Scoundrels

Return of the Scoundrels is the latest body of work from
Denver Artist Michael Ortiz. The new series is a continuation
of a previous series that he released in December of 2009
Entitled The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which consisted of over
75 individual pieces of art.

The Scoundrels series is one of provocative subject matter that
takes an exaggerated look at scandal, sex, and crime.
Emphasizing on urban city atmospheres with graffiti backgrounds
and produced with hues influenced from the streets, this series
takes a mischievous look at a corrupt group of people.

The objective of this series is to highlight these characters in a
fictional world where there aren’t very many rules or laws.
We all have to live in the real world where there are laws and rules
that we must live by. Taking on these personalities could make
someone look reckless amongst a more logical society.
Appeal comes from being able to step out of the normal everyday
routine when you experience these pieces of art. Michael takes
advantage of this by creating characters with no initial meaning for
their madness, no plot line or agenda, it’s up to the viewer to conceive
a scenario.

Return of the Scoundrels is a series of 45 individual pieces of art
that measure at 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall and each have a 3 inch
depth profile. Each piece is framed and fabricated with old recycled
pieces of art and inside of a lot of the series there are bits of art from
past paintings.

The series of art was produced using a variety of media including
Acrylic washes, spraypaint, wheatpasting, gel transfers, paintmarker
india ink, along with digital manipulations, photography and printmaking

Each original piece is 100.00 (w/o shipping) and in part with Like Minded
Productions, Michael will be releasing Numbered Sets of paper prints
and canvas prints. Please inquire about purchasing prints or originals at
www.likemindedproductions.com and www.michaelortizart.com. You can
also contact Michael directly at Ortiz@likemindedproductions.net.