New Series: The Street Files

“The Street Files” is the new series of work by Denver Artist Michael Ortiz. The series consists of provocative imagery along with gestural strokes of paints, inks and washes. There are 8 new pieces in the series, each with different illustrations Michael uses repeatedly throughout his works. You can see some of the new work at the new art and apparel shop MegaFauna in the Rino Art District in Denver, Colorado.


This Thursday, May 5th 2011 at Jet Hotel RAW: Denver presents “INCITE”, an event that focuses on local Artists, Musicians, Fashion Designers and number of other creative fields. Michael Ortiz will be showcasing his Art with other local Artists. The show consists of an art show with live music, live performances and other fun activities.

With performances by Maximilian Shiffman, My Body Sings Electric, and Krooked Drivers as well as LIVE paintings by Mike Nance and Dodge Gaskill and a photo shoot by artist Jeff Wilson, come see some of Denver’s most amazing artists! You can purchase tickets here: