Mile High and Rising

Denver, CO (December 10th, 2011) – Finishing off the year with a bang at Black Book Gallery this month, the first ever Mile High & Rising group show (on display throughout December) will bring together over twenty-five of the city’s most active creative talent, exhibiting a collection of diverse work and representing a sample of the contemporary artscape currently happening in Denver. This will be an incredible mix of artwork, not to mention a prime opportunity to pick up a few pieces- all work will be priced at $100 or less – Double score!

Encompassing a wide variety of mediums and artistic styles, the show will not only highlight each individual artist’s contribution, but also the close knit community of art contributors that live and work in Denver (which includes many others). From upcoming to established artists, from graffiti to tattoo influences, from screen printing, to paint, drawing, photography and sculpture, Mile High And Rising will truly be a landmark show, and define a new tradition in the process. Next year, the show will continue with Mile High and Rising Vol. 2.

Some of the artists featured include: John Fellows, Axel Geittmann, Sarah Ford, Ravi Zupa, Jeremy Burns, Adam Sikorski, Michael Ortiz, Jonathan Lamb, Chris Huth, Ian Millard, Lindsey Kuhn, Max Kauffman, Jeremy Pruitt (Thinkmule), Melanie Pruitt, Pedro Barrios, Rob Mack, Mike Graves, Sandi Calistro, John Cole, Joseph Martinez, Sam Turner, Mona Crowe, Mark Sink, Dan Ericson, Michael Coriano.

Be on the lookout in early 2012, as the gallery will be releasing a free ‘Black Book’ around the state of Colorado that includes over twenty pages of full color artwork as well as information on the artists involved in this first edition of Mile High & Rising. This is one opening you won’t want to miss and may we suggest getting there early, this artwork will go quick!


It’s Fresh up Here



It’s Fresh Up Here is the new 4′ x 8′ mural produced by Michael Ortiz and Jonathan Lamb of Like Minded Productions in conjunction with The Art Institute of Colorado and The I Heart Denver Store. The mural will be on display for the event “Street Style” and focuses on Denver-based cultural themes and there will be two more murals created by Sandra Fettingis and Joel Duvall Fedt. Street Style is an event produced by Denver Pavillions and is part of Visit Denver’s Arts Week programming and will run from 9am-3pm on Thursday, Nov. 10th on Glenarm Place and in Denver Pavilions plazas. the mural is another enthusiastic approach from the boys at Like Minded to hype the Arts and the City of Denver.