Have A Good One: New Works by Michael Ortiz

Have A Good One
Have A Good One

“Have a Good One” is the name of the new series of artwork by Denver Artist Michael Ortiz. Michael explores the ideologies and the ephemeral nature of graffiti using the aesthetic throughout the paintings as a base layer to build from, covering up old tags with new tags. The works are all constructed on wood panels and consist of print collage, handmade stencils, spray paint, paint marker, acrylic and latex paints to build the layers. Michael works with a certain ‘create and destroy’ state of mind and the subject matter is compiled with the same mentality as he would use if he was doing the art on a street wall. The subjects in the art are bold, impactful and draped with vivid colors. These new mixed media collages have a sense of decayed graphic design and painterly technique arranged in a way to affect the viewer with provocative thought. The name ‘Have A Good One’ has a number of different meanings in society today and in this instance it refers to the impermanence of doing a piece of graffiti or really anything you do in life. The whole point in life is to make it good so, “Have A Good One”, because it will all be gone one of these days.

Please join us March 1st (First Friday)

Stovall/Costillow Collective

230 W. 6th Ave. Denver Colorado

Opening reception Friday, March 1st 2013


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