PH/Bill Graham SF Poster

“Runaway Trollie”

Above is a preview of the Art poster LMP is releasing in conjunction with the Phish/Bill Graham shows in San Francisco. If you are going to the shows in San Francisco these posters would be a great commemoration. The limited edition series of posters are numbered out of 80 and are giclee prints done on 210 gram Textured fine art paper(17″ x 22″). Each print is archival and signed and numbered by Michael Ortiz. Each poster is $30.00 + $10 for shipping. (When you click “Add to Cart” you can go to “checkout” to complete your order.)

without shipping ($30)

with shipping ($40)


1 thought on “PH/Bill Graham SF Poster”

  1. Hey thanks again, really diggin this work. Hope all is well, and hope to see you guys sometime in the future. Keep up the great work.. Adios for now..


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