Light in the Dark

Light in the Dark is the new art show produced by Kurt Redeker of Knew Conscious. Michael Ortiz and Jonathan Lamb of Like Minded Productions will also be producing a new line of art pieces and they will be available for viewing on March 31st and April 1st. You can expect a very vibrant and mind altering experience from these three talented Denver Artists. The Art show will be held at Lucid Gallery in Denver at 719 8th ave on March 31st and April 1st.

Falling Whistles

4PM – 8PM

Before the music, come see local artist and what inspired them as they created original art work surrounded by the cause of Falling Whistles.


Evan Hecox, Jolt, Scott Lefavor, Axel Geittmann, Jon Streiby, Sandra Fettingis, Andrew Hoffman, Rick Griffith, Kegan Black, Michael Ortiz, Markham Maes

Falling Whistles Art and Music Festival 2011

Come join us on March 26th and help support Falling Whistles. in their efforts to bring peace to the Congo.

Falling Whistles is an organization working relentlessly to help bring peace to the Congo. This event is a fundraiser to restore the lives of war-affected women and children through rehabilitation programs, and lobbying in washington to help change war policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

FREE Art Show
-Black Book Gallery
-Come see local artists and their original artwork inspired by the cause behind Falling Whistles.

Music Festival
-Summit Music Hall
-Doors open at 8:30PM
-Tickets are $15, available at

Birds of a Feather

Michael Ortiz, Jonathan Lamb and Lauren Carbon will be exhibiting a new series entitled “Birds Of A Feather” at Slice Gallery 4318 Tennyson St. in Denver on February 4th from 6-10pm. Republic Tequila will be giving out complimentary tastings via margarita and shooters. So come down and sip on a margarita while enjoying some amazing new artwork. To purchase prints and originals from this series click here.



Introducing the new art installation and print series by Like Minded Productions. This installation was done in conjunction with the revolutionary art show and party called Intifada which was held on Saturday, December 11th 2010 at the Artwork Network. The installation focuses on Dadaist inspirations mixed in with revolutionary designed posters and hard edged progressive illustrations. The art was done with the intentions to give the viewer a feeling that it is a good thing to step out of the everyday norm and be able express yourself by whatever means possible.

FuelTheFire3 FuelTheFire


5280 High & Rising

This is “5280 High & Rising,” the latest mural from Art team Michael Ortiz and Jonathan Lamb, formally known as Like Minded Productions. It was done in conjunction with the Larimer Street Art Festival that was held last weekend. The mural is located on the east corner of 27th and Larimer in Denver. It’s a desolate, dark corner of the city and everyone involved with the project has high hopes that the art will have a positive influence on the community.


The Return of the Scoundrels

Return of the Scoundrels is the latest body of work from
Denver Artist Michael Ortiz. The new series is a continuation
of a previous series that he released in December of 2009
Entitled The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which consisted of over
75 individual pieces of art.

The Scoundrels series is one of provocative subject matter that
takes an exaggerated look at scandal, sex, and crime.
Emphasizing on urban city atmospheres with graffiti backgrounds
and produced with hues influenced from the streets, this series
takes a mischievous look at a corrupt group of people.

The objective of this series is to highlight these characters in a
fictional world where there aren’t very many rules or laws.
We all have to live in the real world where there are laws and rules
that we must live by. Taking on these personalities could make
someone look reckless amongst a more logical society.
Appeal comes from being able to step out of the normal everyday
routine when you experience these pieces of art. Michael takes
advantage of this by creating characters with no initial meaning for
their madness, no plot line or agenda, it’s up to the viewer to conceive
a scenario.

Return of the Scoundrels is a series of 45 individual pieces of art
that measure at 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall and each have a 3 inch
depth profile. Each piece is framed and fabricated with old recycled
pieces of art and inside of a lot of the series there are bits of art from
past paintings.

The series of art was produced using a variety of media including
Acrylic washes, spraypaint, wheatpasting, gel transfers, paintmarker
india ink, along with digital manipulations, photography and printmaking

Each original piece is 100.00 (w/o shipping) and in part with Like Minded
Productions, Michael will be releasing Numbered Sets of paper prints
and canvas prints. Please inquire about purchasing prints or originals at and You can
also contact Michael directly at